About Me

My name is Marisa Feathers. I'm 44 years old. Married to Charlie for 27 years. Together we have 5 kids. Krys is wife to Steve and Mama to Dora and Caz. Becka is engaged to Jesse and Mommy to Elena. Rachel is a Theatre Arts major in a college upstate. Dan & John live at home... for now.

In October 2007 we legally adopted an adult daughter. Her legal name is now Cameron. She is no longer part of our lives. It's a touchy subject but I'm getting to it.

I am a Christian. Different from most. Try not to judge me by the label.

My blogging runs the gamut from the serious to the utterly goofy. One skill rampant in our family is the ability to find the absurd in situations that would make most others cry. There is no overall theme to this blog. It's random, opinionated, weird and a reflection of me. It is what it is. The ramblings of a strange creature who hopes someone, somewhere can relate to and be touched by what they read.

I love run-on sentences and ellipses... It is what it is.

You know, trying to sum up anything about myself in a single post seems like a joke...

Prior blogs are in the slow process of being reposted to another blog on this site.

Man... this was not supposed to turn into some existential drama...

The name of the blog... Bittersweet Gestalt. This comes from the journey of the last couple of years... the times since I closed my last real blog and stopped writing for a season.

I'm a recovered multiple... as in Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

For most of the first 37 or so years of my life, I lived a fractured existence. Much of my childhood is a mish-mash of random memories and years long holes. In and out of hospitals as a teen and the early years of marriage... then for a number of years a perfect example of productive wife and mother until my defenses and delusions broke down. In 1999 I was finally diagnosed and entered therapy with both a trauma therapist and a psychiatrist specializing in DID. Most of that journey was recorded in a blog called The Crew.

Integration, such as it is, has been a whole new journey all its own. One I've avoided writing about. In part because of blogger burnout, a collection of hurts it was convenient to blame and my own laziness.

My life seems to be entering yet another new season. Children are reaching adulthood, starting life on their own, and I'm now blessed to be a grandmother. Seems a good time to open the doors to writing again... about life, family, faith and this roller-coaster of learning to be me.

Here's hoping it's still something worth sharing.