Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I've had my nice little Chromebook for 2 weeks now. Until now, haven't written more than a tweet or two.

What have I done with the lovely little computer that I've told myself for years was the key to getting back to writing? Games. Games, a little browsing, and a lot of imagining... but no writing.

Okay, there has been some decorating with vinyl stickers...
See? What more could I need?
But still, no writing.

After 4ish years, getting back into writing is going to take some real work.

It's funny... I never stopped composing essays, stories, and rants in my head... I simply got into the habit of shutting them all down the moment I considered putting them in print.

It's not much but maybe, just maybe this can be my new start to writing again.

To be perfectly honest, my recovery and sort of sanity depend on it.