Sunday, June 1, 2014

Unexpected Happy

So, after writing the previous post, I decided to wander the property. There was a pressing weight of failure as I looked around at all the cleared areas nature reclaimed in my absence. 

There was a wave of self-pity for what often seems a one step forward, two steps back life. What if all my hard work comes to naught?

Then I caught sight of one of the wild blueberry bushes I found and marked last spring... Though vines and volunteer maple trees are still fighting for space, I realized one of the bushes has grown nearly 2 feet in the last year. Not only that, but several others were heavy with ripe fruit I honestly didn't expect until next year, if ever.

This deceptively weedy area is home to numerous blueberry bushes and a
native southern magnolia I'm determined to nurture into bloom.

Easily more than the handful I was expecting this season

Plus another heavy with yet to ripen berries

As an additional bonus, the blackberry canes
I refused to mow last year are my height
and heavy laden with weeks more fruit.

Decided not to be greedy today.

So it was, in the midst of a poor me moment, a little evidence it hasn't been in vain. 

It might seem silly to be so thankful... But this is quite literally free, nutritious food. A day of effort last year made room for what will result in gallons of fruit (mostly the blackberries) I can freeze for later use in smoothies and desserts.

A little more effort in the fall and we will likely end up with a regular yearly harvest enough for jams, jellies and dried fruits to last until the next season. I almost forgot all the lunches of fresh plucked mulberries I've has this spring alone... The first year the older trees truly produced enough for more than the birds.

So, lesson learned about my tendency forward self-pity... And tonight I'll have a little celebration of said lesson. 

I'm not simply flailing with nothing worthy to show for the effort. It's an important reminder.

So, do I just eat them as dinner or really splurge by adding their juice to some chilled wine?

Decisions, decisions.

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