Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waiting Games and Other Things Beyond My Control

I'm a control freak.

Yeah, shocking, isn't it?

Stop with the feigned heart attack. I can feel your sarcasm oozing from here.

Anyway...while we wait for someone from Charleston County to come assess the value of the property, there's not much to be done as far as planning to buy the property.

There's 2 possible scenarios... Either the land is worth very little, meaning raising 66% of that is entirely doable... or the land is worth so much we're better off letting it sell and taking our third to buy elsewhere.

Until we know, we're waiting.

I hate waiting. Things beyond my immediate control are Scary Things. They invite worry, which is something I've yet to learn to avoid. They inspire what ifs which are usually the base of worry and I'm really skilled at the what if game... which would be a great talent if it did anything other than steal energy... What if is right up there with I can identify any TV show or movie from 5 seconds of dialogue or music as far as interesting yet totally useless skills.

I've enlisted the boys in helping me create a dedicated workspace for Etsy creations. Right now, I have to make use of whatever tiny space is available at any given moment and it's rough on the creative process. I do a lot better when I can spread out some materials and let my mind wander. By tomorrow, it should be possible to spread out on the dining room table and get to it.

Assuming I don't let what ifs get in the way there.

Oh look... the table is clean and there's plenty of work space.

Meh... this is another disappointment of an entry... but maybe I can do something else creative today.

Assuming a freak brainstorm doesn't fry my few remaining neurons.

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