Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There is always a lot to be found online about privacy.

I know I'm not the only one who finds the topic of online privacy to be at least a little ironic. It's online. There's only so much privacy to be found.

Yeah, this pretty much covers it.
When I was writing before, I tried to keep my diary/blog public. I didn't allow for anonymous comments because trolls are trolls but for the most part, the aim was transparency. For me, the need to be real was more important than anonymity. Besides, with secrets, trying to keep up with them can take up energy I didn't want to waste.

It's the same now.

There were several years when the limited online presence I maintained was not freely accessible unless you had specific talents but it grew wearisome and annoying. It felt confined and smothering and that's not an environment in which I thrive. It's a personal choice.

Some people have real concerns about their safety. They can and should make use of whatever tools available to ensure their privacy to whatever degree they want or need.

Who wants to wake up to this face?
All that said... given the kind of writing it's in my heart to do, I've decided to go back to transparency. My primary email address is available to the public. My cell phone number is available to anyone who friends me on Facebook. My blog talks about the area in which I live with detail. If someone wanted to, it would be entirely possible for them to find my street address.


Honestly, even if you did find our address, you can't see it on Google satellite images and maps give you the wrong directions. If you did somehow make it past all the threatening signs and the Hell Hounds, not a lot of people are willing to get out of their vehicles once they get past the the end of the asphalt. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons stay away from us.

Sure it's possible someone could decide to cause trouble but I've lived enough of my life on high alert to be willing to do the fear thing on purpose. So, my face, real name, hometown and all kinds of other information is out there.


South Carolina has some pretty decent Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine laws.

If you happen to be wandering off the beaten path and encounter this sign...

you might want to consider turning back.

Just a thought.

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