Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bumbling, Babbling, Band of Baboons

So much to tell, so few brain cells available for coherent writing.

There are too many things happening to nail down any one particular thing... and I'm resisting the temptation to have a good rant. It might help but it's family... so it could hurt too and none of us need more of that right now.

The writing in The Crew blog is reaching a particularly tough spot... one I didn't expect to be so painful to revisit.

My body is in rebellion... though I can honestly say I'm fighting it and refusing to give in to sulking in bed.

This is a ridiculous issue but Charlie moved around the computers and the one with my stuff on it is in an uncomfortable location. Also... it's disrupted my routine and evidently, change is still something I resist.

So, it's quiet on these pages for a few days... but there are stories to tell and as soon as I can sweep away some of these brain webs cluttering up my mental space, they'll find their way to words.

In the meantime, here's a picture of ice covered trees from last week's storm.

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