Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekend Update

One of my goals this coming weeks is to set up a spot on our property where we can safely smash things.

Last week, John and Dan helped me do this for a friend.

I cannot begin to describe how enjoyable an experience it was for me. I not only want to do it again (we have the junk TVs), the idea of batting practice with random found junk is extremely appealing. Probably due to emotions instinctivly suppressed... why talk when you can engage in destruction of property that would go in the dumpster anyway?

Who knows? Might get some interesting art out of it.

Speaking of which...I picked up some cool jewelry pieces at the flea market. I rarely wear jewelry but these suit me well and if I ever decide they aren't my style anymore, I've already thought of 10 different things I can do with the deconstructed pieces.

There's more to share... like Elena having the charm of a true con artist and the story of The Peanut Man... but the walking has caught up with me. There's a pretty good chance I'll spend what's left of the day sleeping or propped up in bed with my knitting.

No matter what my emotions are trying to tell me (see latest Crew post), I'm moving forward and making small but healthy changes.

Hey, I showered and wore real clothes every day this past week!

I'll take a victory where I can get it.

Also... found Lyn and her contact information. I will write the letter but might have to smash some things just to find the words.

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