Friday, January 10, 2014

Vampire Penguin

I want to write every day. Really, I do.

But then there are days when real life happens and some of it is decidedly unfunny... Like full blown ASD meltdowns as played out by a young man who is no longer small enough for me to carry to a safe spot to decompress and gather himself. His age and size means I have to listen to much more... earthy... language as well as trust him to take himself to a quiet spot. This must also happen without me, Dad or any other member of the family snapping like a glow stick and having a meltdown of our own.

I can't find any way to make it fun, humorous or anything less than utterly exhausting for everyone involved.

So instead of pressuring myself to come up with something mildly amusing, I'm taking a day off.

For the sake of keeping up with a daily Something here, I offer you this moment of great dignity.

The AWARD WINNING Vampire Penguin
Yes, award winning.

Don't ask.

Fine. If you insist on asking, look at this for your answer.

Have a good Friday. I'm going back to screaming lyrics to 70's glam rock and pretending to cope.

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