Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've stared at this empty entry box trying to figure out exactly what I want to say to you then came to a realization.
There isn't anything to say to you.
It's not worth the time or the effort.
Along with that is the knowledge I can talk freely about your effect on my family.
I can write about the things you did, the way you tried to take my family and even my husband. The way you tried to buy off my kids. The way you used whispered words to others to create discord. The way you tried to convince my husband to have me committed so you could be free to have my family to yourself. The way you denied John's Autism and petitioned for the right to "handle" him your way... and how you then proceeded to treat him like a dog you were training. The way you forced my eldest child from home by repeatedly telling her she didn't belong and you were her replacement. The way you aren't above destroying another person's reputation by claiming abuse that never occurred. About how you knew how to hurt people in their most vulnerable areas and how you did it each time you didn't get what you wanted. How the entire household stopped functioning when you were in "crisis" and how conveniently timed it was in order to deny anyone their own needs.
I can talk about the not a joke that you are always right and if you aren't, you'll cry abuse until you get what you want. I can talk about how controlling those around you is all you ever did.
I can talk about making you a part of our family, despite warnings from my parents and every other person I trusted, only to have you spit it back in my face. How you never wanted family... only control over others.
I can talk about how Lyn gave me an ultimatum that we either get your toxicity out of our house and away from our family or she couldn't continue to see me and how I chose instead to stop seeing the person who did more for me than anything you could ever imagine you did for our family.
I can talk about how you held our family hostage until you got what you wanted.
I can talk about babysitting an adult woman based on lies.
I can talk about your psychopathy and your ability to morph into whomever you need to be to get what you want and how very skilled you are at this.
I can talk about the other families you've torn apart for your own wants.
I can talk about how I gave up the best part of me, my compassion, just to survive living with you.
I can talk about the day you deciding to move out being one of the greatest moments of freedom I experienced from the first time we talked.
But I don't need to say it to you.
I'll say it here for me. So I can let go. So, as a family, we can stop using the phrase "sounds like a Cameron move" to describe hopelessly manipulative acts.
I'm choosing to forgive you because you are who you are and what is done is done.
I can let go with the peace that you'll never darken the doorstep of my life again because I finally learned to say hell no to users.
I can let go knowing the last few times you tried contacting Charlie, you didn't get what you were seeking.
I can let go knowing you have finally figured out you sucked the tit dry and there is nothing left for you here.
I can let go knowing you can't hurt my family anymore.
But I don't need to say it to you.
I wouldn't give you the time, ever again.

Thanks, Steven for letting me quote you here.

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