Monday, January 27, 2014

Burn It Down

It's one of those days. One of those crowded, claustrophobic, can't breathe or think around people days. One of those days when I look around the mess and clutter of the house and property, consider my complete fatigue and think we should burn it down and start over.

This picture is entirely too warm and fuzzy for the mood.
It looked good at first but doesn't fit.

Yes. This.
Rationally, it's easy to  look at the various things contributing to the mood and keep it under control (by that, I mean not eating someone's face off or throwing things) but knowing the why doesn't diffuse it.

Unfortunately, diffusion usually requires physical space which can be in short supply... especially on days when moving takes more spoons* than I have on hand.

But I'm writing again, so let's give that a try, shall we?

*cue brain lock*

Sleep deprivation combined with the special hell of both PMDD and Peri-menopausal chaos is evil. Plus, these days wake the Big Scary Anger Monster.

You know what, pretend this post is a broken link.

You could pretend I'm a broken link. That would be okay too.

I'm going to make a Sonic Screwdriver then spend the rest of the day unlocking doors in my Mind Palace.

*For the Spoon explanation, see the link up in the pages

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