Sunday, December 29, 2013


Excuses are such convenient little shackles, aren't they?
Even easier to carry around because we put them on ourselves.
It seems people are more willing to fight oppression from outside sources than what we do to ourselves.
So here are (some of) the excuses:
- It's been so long. What if no one cares anymore?
- Is just a reason to live in the past.
- There's nothing interesting about my life anymore.
- It's hard to focus anymore.
- The new computer doesn't have my stuff on it.
- It's too hard to avoid typos on the phone.
- Really, I'm just enjoying being lazy.
- The old computer is in an awkward place.
- The fan needed to keep the old computer from overheating dries out my contacts and it's uncomfortable to sit there.
- Don't feel like fighting cats to get to the keyboard.
- I miss the ergonomic keyboard. This one makes my hands feel fat.
- What if it makes my hands go numb?
- I'm never alone anymore.
- I need time to myself.
- Too many distractions.
- It should wait until everything could be downloaded onto a tablet I can call my own.
Okay, that last one was really stretching it, but still... These are the excuses that came to mind just sitting here. If I gave myself time, I could probably come up with more... but that would require effort and meh. Lazy, remember?
Anyway, yeah.
Might as well toss them out here now so next time I think there's a reason not to write, I can look back and remind myself excuses are stupid.
I don't carry the bondage look well.
So yeah, there's that too.

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