Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas(ish) Request

This is a hard post to write and I'm not sure at all how to put this into words.

I love my husband.

I could go on and on about how he has lived sacrifically for his family and countless others... those of you who know him know he puts himself last. Always.

This last year, each time we've tried to get a little ahead there has been a crisis. The car, someone's health, kids needing something unexpected... you name it.

I don't want to sit here and tell a sad, weepy tale so I'll just spit it out.

Charlie needs clothes. He hasn't purchased anything but socks for himself in more years than I remember.

EVERY shirt and pair of pants he owns is torn, worn out or stained. He tries not to say it but he hates going out in public because he is embarassed by his wardrobe. He's a big guy. Thrift stores and regular stores rarely carry his size.

Each time I've tried to set something aside for him, it goes to someone else.

I want to do something for him but I need help. I've honestly sold everything there is to sell for extra cash. I want to take him out and buy him pants, t-shirts, polos, dress shirts, underwear... all these things he needs. Those things he deserves for being a man who has sacrificed himself, his resources and his body to care for his family. I want to show him he's worth it and he matters.

There's a link on the bottom right of this page. "For My Hero". I don't care if it's $1. If you have anything you can spare this time of year, when I know you're probably down to your last, please help me give Charlie this gift.

Every cent will go to taking him shopping for what he needs. Him and only him. I'd like to take him after all the post holiday craziness settles down... around the first week of January.

If you can, please help.

Thank you in advance and thank you for reading.

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