Sunday, August 12, 2012

And On it Goes

About 1am this morning, I came across a hashtag game on Twitter. The game is #AspieMovieTitles.

As I giggled to myself over some of the submissions, I made the mistake of mentioning it to the boys and then Charlie. After spamming my own profile with their rapid-fire ideas, I announced I was going to bed and they could submit their continued suggestions in writing.

I woke to both an email and a composition notebook list. *facepalm*

I did promise... so here goes:

Aspie Movie Titles
- On Aspie Pond
- The Lost World: Aspie Park
- Aspies vs. Predator
- All Aspies go to Heaven
- Hellboy: The Golden Aspies
- Frankenaspie
- The Aspie Whisperer (Saw this one on Twitter but sharing anyway)
- Aspie Like Me (Love this one)
- Buckaroo Aspie
- Aspie McFee
- The Lone Aspie
- Aspies of the Caribbean:  At World's End (Aspies of the Carolina's: at Wits End)
- The Aspie of Egypt
- Beauty and the Aspie (Or conversely, Aspie and the Beast)
- Snow White and the 7 Aspies
- Inspector Aspie (You'll never get away with anything)
- Aspie Bueller's Day Off
- Aspie's Day Out
- Aspie of the Opera
- The Aspies Under the Stairs
- Aspiebusters (This sounds like one of those BS cures)
- A Few Good Aspies
- Dark Aspies
- Aspie Hole (Don't even want to go there)
- Revenge of the Aspies
- The Aspie Returns
- Good Aspie Hunting
- Abraham Lincoln; Aspie Hunter
- Where the Wild Aspies Are (My house, clearly)
- Aspies of Endearment
- Aspies of the Baskervilles
- One Flew Over the Aspies Nest (My suggestion after the fourth time boys had come into the room to read their list.)
- Dude, Where's My Aspie? (Regular question for many of us, I'm sure)
- The Aspie With the Dragon Tattoo (Quite appropriate fot the Millenium Trilogy, actually. And also, 2 of my daughters)
- An Aspie and a Gentleman
- The Scent of an Aspie (Okay, I wouldn't know if it's normal for teen males but PUT ON YOUR DEODORANT!)
- Aspie on a Hot Tin Roof (In a Carolina summer, hiding from chores)
- Ben Aspie (Trying to picture the chariot scene here)
- Aspie's Daycare
- Aspies Attack (At 2 am when MOM wants to sleep!)
- Monsters vs Aspies (Again, Mom at 2 am)
- Aspies, Inc. (Newest Silicon Valley success story)
- The Aspie Way (I adore my kids but can't count the ways this makes me twitch)
- The Last Aspie
- The Good,  The Bad and The Aspie
- Pink Aspie
- The Sound of Aspies (Again, I am sleep deprived but this makes me think of Dumb and Dumber)

Aspie and Aspier? Nah... but some days...

- Aspie Story
- The Hills Have Aspies
- Aspie Knows What You Did Last Summer (and never lets you forget and tells the story to the pastor and your parents)
- The Dark Aspie Rises
- Grumpy Old Aspies
- The Aspie With One Red Shoe
- The Aspie and I
- Aspie at a Funeral
- The Aspies Apprentice
- Dances with Aspies
- The Astronaut Aspie (Likely)
- Aspie Ever After
- True Aspies
- Aspie and Juliet
- The Taming of the Aspie (*giggles madly*)
- Raising Aspie (sounds like a real book title)
- Aspie in Seattle
- Aspie Run
- The Aspie Games (Death match chess)
- The Aspie Who Knew Too Much (as one who knows too little is non-existent)
- The Aspie Brothers
- Doctor Aspie
- Aspie in Wonderland
- Aspie and the GF Factory
- Aspies by the Dozen
- Diary of a Wimpy Aspie
- Fried Green Aspies
- Aspie's Travels
- Aspie on Fire
- Aspie Shines
- Mom and Aspie Save the World
- Operation Aspie Drop (your butt on my boot)
- My Big Fat Aspie Wedding
- Robo-Aspie (John's personal dream)
- Star Trek- The Search for Aspies
- The Trouble with Aspies (Sounds like a letter from teacher)
- Trading Aspies
- You Don't Know Aspie (Could be a real book title)
- Aspie Boom (otherwise known as the Millenium)
- Aspie on a Wire (John's adventures with parquor)
- Dead Aspie Walking (unlike the death row film, this is about zombies, duh)
- Field of Aspies
- Aspie Quest (every interest)
- Happy Aspie (every parent's dream)
- Aspie Dredd
- Last Aspie Standing (gets the x-box)
- Life as Aspies Know It (another good book title)
- Mad Aspie (the post-apocalyptic adventures)
- The Mark of Aspie
- Rise of the Planet of the Aspies
- The Three Aspies (working on a long ass list while I try to sleep)
- Aspie-Men First Class (this is a movie I'd totally go see)
- Blazing Aspies (Shoot low, sheriff. He's riding a Segway!)
- 8 Aspies in a Duffle Bag (I'd settle for 3, right now)
- Aspie & Confused (*giggles madly*)
- Aspie Hears a Who (and every other annoying sound)
- Secondhand Aspies
- Starship Aspies (again, totally possible)
- Winnie the Aspie (can I get the stuffie version?)
- Army of Aspies (don't know whether to be terrified or reassured)
- Code of Aspies (anyone figures this out, we're golden)
- Falcon and the Aspie
- Father of the Aspie
- Kindergarten Aspie
-The Quick and the Aspie

 Told you it was a comprehensive list... and no, they didn't go searching IMDB or any place like that.

If you can think of others, add them in comments.

In the meantime, I'm taking a freaking nap.


  1. The Aspie Bride
    Aspie Almighty
    Land of the Aspies
    The Aspie's New Groove

  2. Aspie Impossible
    I Aspie
    Aspie Heist

    And I freely admit that I am cheating, assuming that looking at my DVD collection that's three feet in front of me counts as cheating.

  3. Oh Lordy - that was a lot of Aspie-thinking! Hehehe

    Our best,


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