Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deconstructing Tara: Title Sequence

(Learn To Love) The Ride

Open up the sky this mess is getting high
It’s windy and our family needs a ride
I know we’ll be just fine when we learn to love the ride
I know we’ll be fine when we learn to love the ride
I know we’ll be just fine when we learn to love the ride

Love the pop-up, picture book look and the way they use it to introduce you to the alters who are part of Tara's system. Especially the end where it's just her and she opens her eyes. Years ago, Reese drew a sort of self-portrait that included all the known alters in The Crew pictured within a silhouette of me. The title animation reminds me of that drawing. So much so, I can often imagine seeing a silhouette of Tara's others in her eyes.

The song, written and performed by Tim DeLaughter just for the show, goes no further than these few lyrics... but oh the lyrics. So few words yet they say so much.

The first time I heard the song (Second episode but still a worthy topic for starting this series) I burst into tears. Charlie and I used to talk all the time about the concept of loving the ride... long before this series... heck, long before diagnosis even. We knew that life can sometimes drag you through the muck and mire but there's still a lot to hold onto. We learned early on how important it is to find the fun or even the dark humor in things as a way to stay strong when life is hard. Had we not been able to laugh together, and at each other, I'm not sure how we'd have come through it all intact.

Back to the lyrics... There is something so poignant and real in such a few words... even now, they grab my heart with the depth to which I can relate.

Even after the "Big I", life can still be messy. It is for everyone. As long as we hold on tight to each other, we can get through it and maybe even learn to love the ride.

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