Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Plan

Yes, there is a plan.
Stop laughing.

I've scheduled 5 days of entries to post twice a day. As for this blog, I'm keeping a paper journal but have not yet had the energy to transcribe things from there to here.

Here's the basics... I'm working at least 45 hours over 4 days each week at the restaurant. The other 3 days, I have babies and housework to catch up on. I've been in a walking fog most of the last 4 months... but I'm adjusting.

Found out my thyroid is a sluggish and lazy little bit of flesh which seems to be making it a point to sabotage my every attempt to get healthy. I've grown out of all my clothes, can't ever get enough sleep, my hair is falling out and, among other things... I'VE BEEN DEPRESSED. Nice to know one little malfunctioning gland can hit me in every one of my more sensitive areas all at freaking once. *sighs*

But knowing is half the battle. Until we're in a situation where we can afford the rather expensive medication, I'm trying some herbal things and trying to be patient while they have a chance to work.

So, not much of a great excuse for months of not writing but there it is... and at least it's not simply because I was hiding. That's just been a side effect.