Friday, January 14, 2011

Things To Do

Saturday Jan. 15
  • Meet Landlady, tour the house, SIGN LEASE (Speaking in faith here)
  • Call Nora and Ben, get everyone else's numbers.
  • Post to facebook (yes, that pathetic)
  • Call Momma... that'll take a little time.
  • Allow time for random flailing and squealing and release of pent up energy.
  • Start sorting out kid's rooms. Categories: Trash, Sell, Storage, Must Have.
  • Buy extra trash bags, packing tape, a birthday card for Momma and print out photos of the babies to send her.
  • Breathe
  • Re-focus kids. Use threats if necessary.
  • Breathe
  • Collapse in total exhaustion.
  • Remember that I have to get back up and finish the line-up for Sunday Worship.
Sunday Jan. 16
  • Church
  • Resist the urge to gush... don't give Apostle B reason to gently confiscate the microphone.
  • Rest
  • Resist urge to tackle everything at once
  • Re-focus kids on their rooms
  • Load bags with anything the temperamental washer and dryer object to handling.
  • Gather necessities for laundromat
  • Have a group Wii fit session... laugh at each other and brag about high scores.
  • Threaten kids with marshmallows in a slingshot when their rooms aren't done
  • Collapse in exhaustion.
Monday Jan. 17
  • Leave Charlie in charge of the kids finishing their rooms
  • Pray for their safety and sanity
  • Mail Momma's package.
  • Pile the car (and maybe krys' jeep) with laundry, head to laudromat
  • Wash, knit, dry, read, sort, fold, rinse and repeat
  • Finish kid's rooms when I get home
  • Sort the now clean items into Storage and Must Haves.
  • Send everyone off to their various electronics or books and try to exercise without an audience. 
  • Nap?
  • Place ad on Craigslist for Yard Sale on the 22nd.
  • Place ad for 'Tater and Plymouth *sniffles*sighs*
  • Hang with the grand babies.
  • Daydream about arranging a whole new home and GARDEN *glee*
  • Attempt to get mania under control and sleep
Tuesday Jan. 18
  • Gather more boxes
  • Hang with the babies
  • Putter around doing odd bits of sorting
  • Attempt to clear up the obstacle course that is the Master bedroom
  • NAP
  • Praise and Worship practice
  • Make To-Do list for the next few days
  • Don't try to think too far ahead and get freaked out.
Hopefully Wednesday will involve lots of resting and small amounts of random puttering and sorting.

That's the plan anyway...

Maybe I'll come back to the entry and strike out the completed items.

Maybe I'll delete the evidence of my grandiose plans.

Maybe I'll give myself room to do what is possible and trust the rest will still get accomplished without much violence or bloodshed or babbling in a corner huddled in the fetal position.

Yeah, that sounds about right.


  1. checklists are goooooood. :) praying for you during this time of transition. i know a lot of it is very hard and painful, but i can't help but think this is going to be a good change and result in some awesome things for you and the fam. {{{hugs}}}

  2. I totally agree. it's been a very long time since I've been so excited and looking forward to something (other than grandbabies). God is so good.


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