Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pitter Patter

The boy kittens have been gone less than 3 hours and I already miss the tiny stampede of thumps provided by 3 sets of paws tearing around the house. Okay, so they kept me up last night. I wasn't terribly appreciative in the wee hours of the morning... but there is no doubt that Charlie and I have a particular weakness for the running sounds of little feet... webbed, padded, furry or plump with 5 pink toes and a sagging diaper between the legs. *sighs*

Charlie refused to get out of the car when we transferred ownership of 'Tater and Plymouth (they'll keep their names. yay!) earlier today. "I've said all the goodbye I can handle." So, while their new owner and I snuggled the kittens and chatted, he sat in the front seat of the car determinedly working on his puzzles. He'll pout longer than their mother, no doubt.

Autumn, the little girl, grew tired of playing with her brothers about 3 am this morning and managed to claw her way up under the covers to curl at my feet. It's astounding the amount of heat a 1 pound ball of fur can generate. After about 15 minutes, I set her back on the floor and tried again to to go to sleep. She was curled behind my knees less than 3 minutes later. I once again set her on the floor, pleaded with her Mama to cut me a break and tried again to sleep. Soon I had a fluffy heating pad curled at my stomach... and gave in. I figured if I tried putting her on the floor one more time I'd find her wrapped around my face in short order.

I've been telling Daniel, her actual owner, to take her to his room at night for a week now. She Will Sleep With Him Tonight. Adorable though she may be, I do not need extra reasons to wake in a puddle of sweat all night.

Elena and Dora will be mobile soon enough. Within weeks Elena will be crawling and Dora (already the same size as her slightly older cousin) will be able to use the walker and it will get very interesting around the Feathers house.

Already, both babies recognize Grandpa's "I'm gonna get you" growl and begin squirming in anticipation of tickling when they hear it. Reminds me so much of the days when he was able to crawl around after our toddler daughters growling "Fee-fi-fo-fum! I'm gonna get Kristen (Becka or Rachel) some!" They'd take off at a run, squealing and giggling, only to stop in a corner and dance on their tiptoes waiting for Daddy to pounce.

By the time the boys were toddlers, crawling wasn't an option for Charlie anymore... but the game continued. When Krys called me one day to tell me she'd caught herself doing the 'fee-fi-fo-fum' with Dora, it brought a sweet moment of feeling we'd passed on a tradition of sorts.

Packing is getting done. Not at the pace I'd prefer... but Krys, Steve and Becka will be spending as much of their days off as they can helping out. Between us, we can knock out most of the house. Rachel is mostly helping with the babies right now but is also taking care of her room. The boys are handling packing the passive collection of books throughout the house and their own rooms. Whatever isn't done by next Friday, when we start moving things in, will get done with help from people at church over the weekend. Yes, I've asked for help. Now I just need to specify the days I need it and deal with the decision.

The last two days, despite last night's lack of sleep, have allowed me a chance to catch up on some rest. I'm a little more confident in my body's ability to tackle what remains of my room, the kitchen, garage, etc... with Charlie and the kid's help, of course. The big stuff, will get moved over the course of next weekend and we're gathering boxes enough to have everything in the big items packed up and out of the way.

The new house has tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and wood laminate flooring everywhere else. I'm so excited about not having to deal with carpeting anymore... beyond the berber on the screened porch. We're making plans for the unfinished room.  John and Charlie want it to be their workshop area... once we get heat to the room, it will also house the bunnies and ratties... I'll admit, I'm hoping it will allow room enough for the large guinea pig cage... it would be nice to find a pair of babies to adopt in the spring.

Thank you GOD our landlady is animal tolerant! Her only concern was cat's claws on the new flooring. No problem. The only one who scratches is also the one who gets her claws clipped... and we'll do the same for her daughter if and when the need arises. I'm so excited we've not had to worry at all about sending any of the furry or, in Luna's case, feathered family members elsewhere.

Last night's news included a story about a family in Beaufort who got a visit from the Extreme Makeover team. It was nice to watch the story and not have a pang of wistfulness that they aren't coming here. Emotionally, we've let go of this house now and are enjoying the dreams and plans of a future (at least 5 years, until John graduates) in a new home that meets our needs... no demolition involved.

I should get back to the packing. It looks like I'll have to repack the books. Did I neglect to explain to the boys it is possible to fit books in a box as you would a bookcase? Good Gravy guys! It looks like they just tossed them in and popped the tops on. If I repack (or help them repack), it'll free up at lest 2 big produce type boxes for the shelves they need to tackle tonight.

Things are moving along... slowly perhaps... but they're moving. We'll get there.


  1. Wow, yay! Oh man, I am so excited for you guys. This is such an answer to prayer. I hope you are taking pictures of the process!

  2. Glad the packing parts are going well! Hope the resting parts catch up soon ;-).

  3. Just remember, a well-packed box of books tends to be heavy....


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