Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yeah, Sometimes it's Like That

Me: *jumps about 3 feet* Why?
Charlie: *still yelling in a frightening enthusiastic way* WE'RE GOING OUT!
Me: Why?
Charlie: Because I am NOT going to sit in this house all day and I'm in too much pain to go out alone so you're coming too!

*sighs* He's right... there is living to do and if we're going to go do it we have to change out of our shorts and sports bra (me, not him... duh) and wear real clothes and go do it.

But some days... well, lately it's most days... that involves more complicated steps than I have energy to complete. The mere fact that I'm making coffee again rather than living on Stōk Shots is a pretty big step up. The total and utter pathos of my life recently is embarrassing to acknowledge. My almost total uselessness serves not to allow for rest but the echoes of past voices (and not the cool ones) I fought hard to silence saying all the condemning things I fought hard to disprove.

While it's true that my body has betrayed me (I'm not going to list all the ways) there is still no reason to give in to pain and wallow. Besides, doing that doesn't relieve the pain, it only makes it more painful when I do try to get something accomplished. No pain, no gain. If I want to be more mobile, I have to move. If I want the continued use of my arms and hands, I have to do more than use them, I have to exercise them properly to prevent further repetitive use problems.

I constantly berate myself for becoming so passive. But the pro-active Marisa stuck herself in a cramped little cage of emotions and lies then forgot she had the key to get out again. Berating myself doesn't get me out... getting out gets me out.

Oh, so poetic.

Charlie and I are on our way out. We're going to do something. We're going to visit places and accomplish things. Or we might just go to WalMart and buy groceries. Whatever, at least it'll be out.

Have you ever let yourself get caught in a vicious cycle?


  1. All the time. I wrote a post yesterday about getting out of my "lazy" rut :). Good for you for getting up and going.

    p.s. GO CHARLIE!! :)

  2. Every. Freaking. Day.

    If I'm not working, you know where I'll be. Curled up in bed with my laptop, Second Life, and Netflix.

    Sometimes, it can be scary. Both going out and staying in.

  3. More times than I even want to dream about counting. I get stuck in a rut of doing nothing, and then forget that there is a life outside of my windows and computer and video game. But, getting out there means dealing with PEOPLE, and I haven't the energy or patience to deal with that right now.

    Love to you and yours.

  4. *sigh*

    I wish I could stay at home and be lazy for a few days - especially around the time I am nursing a bad throat.


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