Monday, December 20, 2010

Q&A Episode 1

In your report you mentioned that people with autism related problems often have specific talents - things they excel at. What would you say are your particular strengths? 

Creating, imagining and anything in the inventing category. Sci-fi things (space ships, plasma based weapons etc.) clay (what ever you can make out of a ball of clay) building blocks, especially LEGO®.

These were all built on ROBLOX

Paper planes: The Planez Republic® is my pure creation. I create new planes by simply adding brake flaps, ailerons (for maneuvers), elevons (for pitch), rudders (yaw). Lastly is real life building (non-LEGO®). For this I need some supplies. But I have the hovering disc, titan ( a gigantic ship using the hovering disc technology to fly, and is an air staging and cargo aircraft).

 This is your friendly autistic human shaped awesomeness.


  1. Keep it up, kiddo <3

    - Alanna

  2. Lego blocks are fantabulous!! Can we have pics of your Lego creations?

  3. John's focus has been on clay lately but we do have some photos of his Lego creations. I'll dig them up and get them posted.


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