Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change One Thing

I've been thinking about this for a little while... the idea of simply focusing on changing on thing at a time. Perfectly logical, I know... but as much as I am able to see details, it gets hard not to become buried in them to the point of uselessness.

The living room has been a particular frustration for me. I've simply stopped spending time in that room as much as possible. Really bad way to encourage family time. *sighs* There are a couple of things I can do that won't take too much a toll on my body to improve things. One of those things is the curtains.

Curtains in the living room have been a problem as long as we've lived in the house. They're either too long, giving cats, kids and furniture against the walls something to pull on, or they're too short. One other problem has been that the few decent curtains I've found in thrift stores don't block light, causing TV and fish tank glare that's tough on the eyes. A few months ago, I gave up, cut a couple of old blankets in half and just stuck them in the windows.


Last week, while going through some of Mama's things, I found a couple of sets of matching curtains in her linen closet. I brought them home just in case. They fit. They fit without having to move the rods. They come to less than 1/2 inch below the windowsills and will not get caught between the furniture and the walls. They're thick enough to stop the glare without blacking out the room.

In the grand scheme of things, it's a small one... but being able to have real curtains that do the job is one simple change that will make a huge difference for me. One little thing that makes the idea of being in that room less onerous... meaning doing the chores for which I'm responsible (the kids have finally gotten consistent with keeping it tidy, minus folding their laundry) less stressful.

So today I'll change the curtains. It's only one thing but it's something... and that will have to do. Maybe it will lead to something more.


  1. I think finding the little changes that make a huge difference, is the BEST! :)

  2. I'm with you on the not wanting to spend time in the living room. My issue is lack of energy to clean it, and kids that refuse to help. They still run to Grammy and aren't expected to do any work. So...... it's up to me to do it ALL.

    Love you!

  3. I hope this little thing, makes a big difference in your comfort. Sometimes thats all it takes. *hugs*


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