Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And if I need reminding...

that I still love dress-up...


They announced an impromptu costume contest Thursday or Friday and I jumped to play along. Of course, that was when I thought John would wear it.

This makes 2 last minute costumes that have won contests. Rachel's Whomping WIllow from a few years ago is still my favorite. Rachel was teasing me this morning (they ran around waking up to the house with the news of my win while I hid my face in my jammies and blushed like crazy) that at least she was only seen by the People Of WalMart... while STM's blog is read worldwide my tens of thousands.

It's an odd feeling when your ego is both stroked and flogged at the same time... and No Jarred... not THAT kind of feeling. :P

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