Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

I've never been much of a 'joiner'... especially when it comes to school stuff. My experience with PTA and other school related groups has put me around a few too many Stepford types. It gets old being the weirdo in the group of uptight, wannabe perfect people.

But after chaperoning a tech rehearsal and helping strike the set after the last performance of "13", I blurted out my willingness to become a Backstage Booster. I've second and third guessed myself about this all week until getting Daniel dressed in a last minute costume the other night.

Rachel is right... first, theater people are just the right kind of odd for me... parents included. Second, it's exactly the kind of thing that would both get me out of the house and give me an outlet for creativity without hiding.

At the tech rehearsal, I stepped in to help with preparation, though technically, I was only there to keep the kids from sneaking backstage or into dark corners to misbehave. (did that too) At one point, the theater director was trying to figure out how to fit classroom and bedroom props in a tiny room offstage and being the Tetris/puzzle type I am, it was easy to suggest a way to make everything fit and still be accessible. Rachel told me later the director loved meeting me and was thrilled I'd shown up and spoken up.

Despite being poorly dressed for it in my church clothes and heels, I couldn't help jumping in with striking the set and had a blast with the kids and other adults. It was after we were officially finished that I spoke with one of the Booster moms and gave her my information.

Knitting, sewing, crochet, make-up... I'm good with these things. I never felt my kids missed out not celebrating Halloween all those years because they could have candy and we'd had a dress-up trunk they'd been using since Krys was about 6 years old. They could dress-up and be anyone they wanted anytime.

I think the biggest reason I caved to trick-or-treating a few years ago was because I missed the dressing up stuff enough to set aside my convictions. I'm not entirely proud of that, by the way... but it makes sense... I lived 30 something years of my life either functioning with or trying to hide the whole cast of characters that are a part of me. I'm a natural chameleon and helping the kids (or anyone else) transform to someone else is not only a gift, but something I've only just realized I love.

I have no idea where this post is going other than to acknowledge learning something about myself... and finding a place to let that something be free to create, transform and pretend. It fills a place that's been empty the last few years. If I can find that in more than the drama team and a yearly event I'm not entirely excited about... it could be good.

Let's hope so... but if I ever turn into a stage mother, someone slap me. please.

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