Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who do you most admire? Why?

That's a close tie between Helen Keller and Mother Teresa.
Both did what no one really believed could be done. Both overcame incredible obstacles in their lives. They were both symbols of strength, even in their perceived or genuine weakness. They lived their convictions... made a difference... earned respect in times when women weren't much respected... questioned themselves and had the strength to answer honestly... and they are both the most truly beautiful people in the "inside where it counts" department.
Their character is something to be admired and emulated.
After scripture, their words and observations on life are the ones I most often recall when a nudge of encouragement is needed.

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  1. I thought you admire ME the most!! :-P

    It is interesting, I saw your earlier post about the dream job and how you complicated it and had several ideas? Where as for this question you seem to know just who you admire!

    For me with these two questions it is the exact opposite!! I am pretty clear about the 'dream job' (at least in terms of the career progression that I presently desire). But I don't think I can name one or two people I admire the most. I mean there is one person I can name - but he is a historical figure and I know very little about the 'person' that he was. His achievements though are very inspiring.


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