Thursday, May 27, 2010

Return to Openness

With all the privacy issues cropping up on FaceBook, elsewhere and conspiracy theorist sites the world over... everyone is being reminded not to put anything on the web they wouldn't want seen by the world. There is really no such thing as privacy online.

Having been hacked, stalked and just creepily lurked, I'm fully aware of the false sense of security privacy settings can give to people.

That said... and with no illusions of privacy... I choose to shed some of my carefully applied armor and write openly again.

Realizing my blog and my FaceBook are linked and knowing that for the first time ever, this means no more separation of extended family, church, blog, online friends, irl friends, etc... It's all well and good to say "I am who I am with no reservations" when keeping a whole group of people from the thoughts reserved for blogging... but it's not fully honest. Safer, maybe... but not honest.

It's funny that I wrote the first three paragraphs of this entry before John's comment about not hiding feelings. His opinion was the very same thinking that led me to the decision to stop secluding and shielding myself. Without blogging honestly, I doubt oneness would have occurred in the relatively short 8 years of therapy involved. I also doubt I'll be able to keep moving forward in health, faith or maturity without it.

I don't need compartments and boxes quite so much anymore. It might add some complications and require standing up for my convictions a bit more often... but I'm okay with that.

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