Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding My Voice= Priceless (UnChristian)

Mind reading- Not in my job description unless I gave birth to you or have been married to you for nearly a quarter century.
Elders and Deacon(esse)s are charged with covering the little details that prevent the pastor from looking ill prepared. I am neither.
It's a congregation, not an audience.
Don't correct me for your embarrassment. Saving face is your concern... My God (and the congregation I know) is big enough to have grace if I look like an idiot. Perhaps you need to talk to Him.
If you want the youth to step up to a certain job, tell them. Heck, even tell me so I can tell them... but do it before it's a problem for you.

It feels good to be able to say I'm not furious about the above irritations because, in blunt-but-polite Charlie fashion (because Stephanie never quite mastered the art of non-snark), I spoke up... about ALL but the face-saving bit. That would have been a little much all in one conversation.

I suppose it would show grace if I do apologize for interrupting him. After the third reference to audience, "You mean congregation?" just sort of slipped out... but probably wouldn't have the same effectiveness otherwise.

I'll repent to God for the itsy bitsy inside dance that accompanied the pastoral squirm that resulted from our conversation... or not. God's the one who told me to speak up.


  1. A Pastor actually called it an audience?!? You can tell a LOT about a person by the words they use. I guess now you know what HE'S in it for.

  2. I do love you, for sooooo many reasons! Go, girl. God needs people who will speak up when it matters.


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