Friday, August 28, 2009

"I walk around in shame,"

he should.
as of february last year, it appears he'll never get his license back.
"Stein, who has been receiving psychiatric disability benefits, told the board he is being treated for bipolar disorder, which he said was largely to blame for his many problems. The panel met in closed session for two hours with Stein's psychiatrist and other doctors to hear details of his treatment.
The medical director of the Virginia Health Practitioners' Intervention Program, whose staff evaluated Stein, disagreed. Internist Patricia Pade, who argued against reinstatement, said his problems involve "characterological issues." Also known as personality disorders, such problems include narcissism and grandiosity. "

is it wrong of me to laugh at this?
at least 18 years of malpractice in his wake and he still thinks he should practice?
God help the war veterens he's volunteering with these days.

it's an indication of where i'm at that i made an impulsive search for current news on dr. charlie foxtrot... times like these the past comes up and bites me.

at least in this there is vindication and i can rest knowing that once in a while, justice is served. now, if i could just get back to that forgiveness thing...

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  1. Bah forgiveness is for wimps!! Clap your hands at their misfortune in sheer joy of undiluted schadenfreude; works better if you have brought the misfortune about! :-)


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