Friday, August 28, 2009

"I walk around in shame,"

he should.
as of february last year, it appears he'll never get his license back.
"Stein, who has been receiving psychiatric disability benefits, told the board he is being treated for bipolar disorder, which he said was largely to blame for his many problems. The panel met in closed session for two hours with Stein's psychiatrist and other doctors to hear details of his treatment.
The medical director of the Virginia Health Practitioners' Intervention Program, whose staff evaluated Stein, disagreed. Internist Patricia Pade, who argued against reinstatement, said his problems involve "characterological issues." Also known as personality disorders, such problems include narcissism and grandiosity. "

is it wrong of me to laugh at this?
at least 18 years of malpractice in his wake and he still thinks he should practice?
God help the war veterens he's volunteering with these days.

it's an indication of where i'm at that i made an impulsive search for current news on dr. charlie foxtrot... times like these the past comes up and bites me.

at least in this there is vindication and i can rest knowing that once in a while, justice is served. now, if i could just get back to that forgiveness thing...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


okay, it's been 3 weeks and not a peep.
can't find your blog or your email and you apparently forgot you have a facebook.
your dad showed us the pic of the new gulf coast group. i'm glad you're working with one of the women that came to antioch. she's the one who made me laugh. it's a great picture!
sophie asks about poly and ax every time i see her. here's the update (which i didn't share with sophie)...
i've had to speak to both poly and ax about not nesting in my yarn while i'm knitting. poly is especially determined to eat the yarn as it travels from ball to needles.
charlie has had several conversations with ax about why it is not okay for her to crawl inside the leg of his boxers. she doesn't seem convinced.
i'm going to have to talk to charlie and the kids about the feeding arrangement as both girls are putting on weight already. this many people saying hello with a treat is having an effect.
both girls are ignorant to the fact that buddy and the cats are supposed to consider them prey. because they don't know this, they love to annoy any one who happens to be napping when they are out to play and the results have been hysterical. after 5 minutes of ax licking her paws and crawling on her head, patches finally decided she'd rather nap under the bed.
buddy thinks it highly unfair that they can get away with chasing him (to nibble on paw fur) but he's not allowed to chase back. when ax and poly team up on him he dances trying to get them away from his paws. MUST VIDEOTAPE IT! mostly he cowers at charlie's side until their playtime is over.

the youth have decided to take the name "truth seekers" but i think they want to mess with apostle b... because they're going to see if he'll go for "seekers of wicked awesome truth" or "S.W.A.T". if i thought i could get away with it, i'd tape the meeting just so you can see the look on his face.

you are missed and loved and had better hurry up and tell me how you are so i can have an answer next time i'm asked. :P