Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not their Girl Friday

You will learn to say NO.
You will learn that someone asking and you having the ability doesn't mean you should automatically say yes.
Learn to say "I'll let you know." "Let me check my schedule." or be honest and say "I have too much going on right now and can't do it."
Do it.
This week, you will say NO to someone who isn't family.
So they get pissed off.
So they get offended.
They'll get over it.
Or not.
You let yourself become the go to girl.
They'll keep asking until you start saying no.
Visit your MIL and help her wipe bloody drool from her chin or go help self-absorbed people pull off a birthday party when they already have plenty of help?
Have any of them even bothered to go see her?
She matters in your life.
They don't even rank in the top 10.
Let them deal with it.


  1. Definitely the bloody drool.
    And personally, I suspect that both of us would be well served if we got "Not.My.Problem." tattooed somewhere we'd see it regularly. ;)

  2. Another idea. Try barter. I use it at times and it can be quite effective. "Oh I'll happily help. And its great that you've come to me for this. I was about to call you because I needed your help so badly on this other matter which ONLY YOU can do for me! See it's like this . . . . " ;-)

    No more free lunches.

  3. You can do it!!! I have this disease and fight it with all I'm worth since the big depression. My family has it in spades! Sometimes being busy is being busy doing nothing - and that is okay. and the bloody drool - gotta go there, do that. You will never regret it.


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